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Magnificent Cuisine

 Daily All-Day BBQ

 Juice & Smoothie Bar

Exquisite Catering by RAM at GVR

 Majestic Tearoom

 Smoke House & Jerky Shop

 Home Fired Pizza Shop

Fish Grill

 Hand Churned Gelato & Soft Serve Ice Cream

 Sushi Bar

 Top-Shelf Wines & Liquors

 Coffee & Cappuccino Bar

For more than 15 years Majestic has teamed up with the very best Chefs and Caterers to bring you an amazing Passover culinary experience.  This year is no exception; whether RAM CATERERS at our Green Valley Resort in Las Vegas, or MAJESTIC CATERERS at our Westin Beach Resort you will take pleasure in our exceptional and eclectic dining, and discover the finest in traditional and contemporary cuisine. Whether enjoying our lavish breakfasts, elegant lunches & dinners, ALL-DAY BEACH BBQs & Buffets, or our Majestic Tearoom, you will be enchanted by exquisite presentations and delicious delicacies- ‘Majestic’ will be what comes to mind.

  • Glatt Kosher under the strictest supervision
  • Hand-Shmura Matzo available
  • More than 50 different wines and liqueurs available
  • Coffee & Cappuccino Bar
  • Fresh Juice Bar & Smoothie Bar
  • Open Bar Daily
  • 24hr Majestic Tearoom
  • DAILY POOLSIDE/BEACH BAR & BBQ (except Shabbos)
  • Chef Dedicated to Therapeutic, Nut Free, Gluten Free, and Sugar Free Diets
  • Gebrokst & Non-Gebrokst Available
  • Majestic Travel Kiosk with To-Go Meals for Chol Hamoed outings
  • Private and Communal Seders available