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   Youth Program & Activities

Infant to Toddler to Teenager; your children will be delighted to attend our Tiny Tots, Day Camp or Teen Program. With numerous years of experience in childcare, our large, superb and Professional Staff will provide your children with thrilling activities and entertainment, while ensuring that each and every child is cared for in the most meticulous and safe manner.

Tiny Tots

Even your infants, too young to attend regular Day Camp, will have supervised programming in our daily Tiny Tots Program. Scheduled every morning until after lunch, our staff will play and care for your children until you are ready to pick them up.

Day Camp Program

We have  created a fantastic schedule of daily activities to keep your children excited about camp.  We also bring in outside entertainment almost daily to further dazzle and wow your children and provide them with an amazing camp experience.

Teen Program

Our separately led Teen Program will excite your teenagers with activities and events tailored to their age group. Whether, billiard and ping pong tournaments in the Game Lounge, 2-on-2 basketball competitions on our Sports Deck, or the X-Box Tournaments played on our Jumbo Movie Screen, the Teen Program will be the highlight for your children who want to chill and have fun doing it.

Children’s Dining

We have a wonderful kids-friendly lunch and dinner menu served during day camp. Your children will eat at consistent times and have their meals scheduled earlier than our main dining room. Our staff will ensure that your children stay nourished and hydrated throughout all the fun and excitement.


If you feel you need a break, or you want a regularly scheduled babysitter, we will provide you with highly qualified staff members to watch your children.